Calendar Girls Gala Evening with LCYH

On Sunday evening the 9th of February 2014, LCYH held their first ‘Gala Evening Event’ at the Le Pecq Theatre. We collaborated with a local Anglophone theatre company, the International Players, to reserve this one special night from their annual show, the well known story of “Calendar Girls”. The Balcony area was the setting for this event on the Sunday evening, where canapés and champagne at the interval were thoroughly enjoyed by over 100 guests.

calendar girls 2014 flyer

All the proceeds from this evening were donated to the charity foundation “Imagine for Margo” with a target project in mind. The room that was the focus of the project is based in the Poissy Hospital Pediatric area and is where the children have their blood analysis and samples taken… the not very fun things. Consequently, the children had named this room “the sad room”. The target that we set for our ‘Gala Evening event’ was to replace the couch bed that was the focal piece of furniture in the room and it could do with being modernised and comfortable!

Logo Imagine for Margo RVB


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We reached our target and it is with much pleasure that we can say we contributed to changing the overall outlook and perception of this room alongside the International Players and the Rotary Club of Poissy, each of us with different targets but aiming for the same goal.