Franco-British Community Rally for Humanitarian Crisis


The week of February 8 saw the commencement of the Franco-British community of Yvelines give with great energy and enthusiasm  food, clothing and bedding for the refugees in Calais and Dunkerque.

12 November LCYH drove a lorry (kindly donated by ESAT Fourqueux) full of the donated items for delivery to Auberge des Migrants for this fantastic organisation of young volunteers to continue to provide much needed meals, clothing and shelter to over 6,000 refugees and migrants currently in Dunkerque and Calais.

We also saw first hand the work being done by 100 young volunteers to construct shelters for those still living in tents and suffering from extreme cold and wet conditions.

LCYH is in the process of donating €1000 to Auberge des Migrants and SALAM the two key volunteer organisations in Calais.

As we left Calais the préfecture in Calais announced that they will be clearing a huge area in The Jungle that will affect over 1,000 people and will remove a number of the services that volunteers and residents have spent months building (the women’s center, the church and Ashram kitchen amongst others). Hopefully many of the people will be re-settled in the prefabricated shelters provided by the local Government, which are safe, warm and dry. By last week 800 of the 1500 available beds were filled and this further initiative might help.

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