Eyeglass RECYCLING Project

LCYH’s first Environmental initiative provided club members with a challenge from their Australian ‘Lion Tamer’ Manda Adams.

Manda proposed in the May 2014 Statutory meeting that we, as a club, attempt to reach a target of 78 department the home of LCYH, recycled eye glasses by our 2014 Summer Lunch in June 2014.

We were very pleased to slightly exceed our target, yet with pleasing surprise by September we had achieved well over our target receiving over 100 pairs, by November meeting where, we donated the eyeglasses directly to Mark we had 330 pairs!!

eye glasses 2014

With a special request for children’s glasses made with the initial challenge, we were excited to see a large amount of these donated as well.

Not only did we meet our target of 78 but this seemingly simple goal was exceeded by 348%!!!

During our monthly club meeting in November 2014, Dr Bernard Laporte & Mark Uhrich from the Maisons Laffitte Lions Club, came along to talk to us and explain the life cycle of our donated eye glasses.

These recycled eye glasses once collected, would make their way to the depot of the Medico Lions Clubs of France in Le Harve to be sorted, labeled and distributed to those in need.

A very Special thanks go to David and Danielle (member and partner of LCYH) who contributed enormously to this figure.