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Defi78 a cycling event for all the community; families, friends, cycling enthusiasts and professional cyclists  to be held in Yvelines on Sunday July 5. It will be a lovely sunny summer’s day for certain with a slight breeze to help those weary fun loving legs.

Defi78 was first brought to our attention just prior to Christmas 2014. An ambitious affair it would seem, yet one that helps fuel the energy and will needed to succeed against the odds of complex logistics and time.



The Defi78 is to be held in the region of Ile de France with several starting points for the grand pro circuit of some 160km and various small circuits approximately 10 to 15km dotted around the grand circuit route for families and friends.

Last night brought together various Lions Clubs and cycling clubs from Yvelines all in the name of Autisme, the charitable theme for the event. These wonderful ‘Servers’ of the community showcasing with enthusiasm and a little apprehension about the task at hand is the some of the best to be seen of the Lions Community.



Present, Project Team and Leaders of:

Lions Club Yvelines Heraldic Defi78 Project Team

Cyclo Club de Croissy-sur-Seine

Lions Club Rambouillet

Lions Club Versailles Trianon

Lions Club Versailles Doyen

Lions Club Houdan Montfort L’Amaury

Lions Club St Germain Château

Lions Club Essarts le Roi