Our patron club, Brussels Heraldic, had held a successful Swimathon, “Splash”, for 30-years and thus it was logical that, having visited their event in March’13, just after our Charter, we, LCYH, should launch our own ‘version française’, “Plouf”; but when and where?

We had left it late but thought that the public holiday on 11/11/13 might fit many people’s agenda. Despite canvassing most of the swimming pools in urban Yvelines, the small but friendly pool of Le Pecq was the only candidate that offered us its facility free-of-charge. It then only remained to nominate a charity in Yvelines that was relevant to Youth and a connection to our host Commune.

As time was not on our side, it seemed rational to look at orphanages with a special regard to La Maison de l’Enfance des Yvelines in Le Pecq. The need to explain the concept to a new audience of potential teams that would raise funds through sponsorship was a challenge, as was our ability to explain that we planned to take underprivileged children to the circus and the theatre over the Christmas period. Further, the recruitment of teams was delayed by the summer holidays and suddenly we were already in September with only 2-months to run. But the spirit of the Club did not weaken and together with the truly helpful staff of the Municipality, on Armistice Day, 17-teams had a lot of fun and generated 4,000€ that helped to make the Festive Season a little more exciting for over 100 orphans in Yvelines.