A Lion’s Contribution to Environment Day

Each year I participate in the Lions Environmental local cleanup.  This year it took place in the Park La Charmille, Poissy.  On making my way to the meeting point, I chose to walk through the park and was pleasantly surprised to see clean sacks in the rubbish bins and no evidence of litter.

I thus chose to make my way to the Route de Poissy (D308) and head back to the park surveying the verge alongside the road leaving Poissy.

I was saddened to see, but picked up, a vast quantity of bottles (glass and plastic), food wrappers and surgical masks .. all jetisonned from passing vehicles.  In fact, the quantity of litter had become so heavy just prior to the railway crossing that I determined to forge my way back through the forest to the park. 

It was to my relief that I encountered an isolated residence in which three children were playing in the garden.  I called out to request directions and was relieved to be greeted at the gate by the owner and the three youngsters.  Having explained by predicament, I was offered a glass of water and the loan of a wheelbarrow  as well as the proposal to deposit the rubbish in his commercial bin thus eleminating the need to transport itfurther.   He also suggested that a photograph would give clear evidence of the result of a Lion’s efforts to aid the environment.

I accepted the latter solution and was then accompanied by him and his children, to indicate the forest path I may take to rejoin the park.

An unexpected and generous act of kindness in return for the effort of Lions to provide a better environment for our planet and hence for future generations.

Update on Plouf 2020

It is with heavy hearts that we announce that, after consultation with our partners, we have decided to postpone our annual swimming event in the Le Pecq pool, scheduled as usual for November 11. So now we will have a “virtual” Swimathon !

PLOUF has always been a day of fun, pleasure and teamwork but under the rapidly changing health advice alerts we feel that it is our duty to draw a line NOW and minimize any possibility of risk for our wonderful friends who support us every year. But our relationship with Bulle d’Air and D’un Corps à l’Autre continues and we still want to support them this year.

Whether team captain, swimmer, or supporter, you and all the persons you know can make a lot of waves and a lot of noise on social media, in order to collect a maximum of funds for our two charities.  Watch this space for further news of how you can help !

C’est avec le cœur lourd que nous avons finalement décidé, après consultation de nos partenaires, de reporter notre évènement annuel le 11 novembre à la piscine du Pecq. Nous allons donc tenir un Swimathon “virtuel” cette année !

PLOUF a toujours été une journée de plaisir et de travail d’équipe, mais compte tenu de l’évolution rapide des alertes sanitaires, nous estimons qu’il est de notre devoir de tirer un trait MAINTENANT et de minimiser toute possibilité de risque pour nos merveilleux amis qui nous soutiennent chaque année.  Mais notre relation avec Bulle d’Air et D’un Corps à l’Autre se poursuit et nous voulons toujours les soutenir cette année. 

Que vous soyez capitaine, nageur, ou supporteur, avec toutes les personnes que vous connaissez faites un maximum de vagues et de bruit sur la toile, afin de récolter un maximum de fonds pour nos deux associations.  Affaire à suivre, nous vous tiendrons informés des moyens de nous aider !