Plouf 2017 Registration Update

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Please use this form to update a team registration that you have previously made.

If you have not yet registered your team then please use the registration form instead…

You only need to enter the changes that you want to tell us about and then send it to us.

After submission, it will send an e-mail back to you. Unfortunately it may go in your Junk or Spam folder, so please check there as well.

    Team Name / Nom de l'équipe (required/obligatoire)

    Team Captain / Capitaine de l'équipe (required/obligatoire)

    Your Email / Votre Email (required/obligatoire)

    Class of Entry / Type d'inscription

    Swimmers' Names / Noms des nageurs

    Do you want a certificate printed for each swimmer / Désirez-vous un certificat imprimé pour chaque nageur ?

    Any additional information / Information supplémentaire

    Thank you.