Plouf 2017 – How it Works

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Plouf is a Swimathon and is one of the most important annual fund-raising events for our Lions Club, raising funds for worthwhile charities.

Who can join in ?

You or anyone able to swim, with or without floatation aids, can join a team or form your own team. Teams are normally between 6 and 8 swimmers – colleagues, friends, parents, children, brothers, sisters, etc.

So how does it work ?

You form a team, of preferably between 6 and 8 swimmers, choose a captain and a team name. The captain registers the team as described in the next point.

On the day, you and your team arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your start time to prepare for your swim.

Once at the poolside, half your team waits for the starting whistle at each end of the pool, in your confirmed lane.

Taking it in turns, each swimmer will swim the length of the 25 metre pool, on a relay basis with the next swimmer taking over when the swimmer reaches the end.

A whistle will alert you to the end of the 55 minute period, when you will leave the pool, have a group photo taken, then dry off, collect your certificate, and enjoy some refreshment.

At the end, the lengths swum are recorded at the poolside, and there will be a prize for the team swimming the most lengths. Only one swimmer per lane will be counted at any time, and no flippers or assistance other than floatation aids are allowed!

Alternatively, this year we are introducing another class of entry, namely “recreational”, where the teams can focus on simply enjoying swimming lengths, with a maximum of 3 swimmers at any one time.

Our other prizes will be available to both “competitive” and “recreational” teams.

How do I register ?

Appoint a team captain who registers the team online here, giving us some contact details and choosing a start hour and a lane.

We also need the team member names and whether the team is “competitive” or “recreational”. These can be changed later – just let us know. We will look to confirm these before the event.

Your team captain will be e-mailed a confirmation of the registration and a link to the Captains Kit. This includes all paperwork required for the swim and sponsor forms.

Who can be a sponsor ?

Each swimmer collects as much sponsorship as possible from family, friends, or companies.

How does the sponsorship work ?

Sponsorship can be a fixed sum for the swimmer or for the whole team for their effort, or sponsors can also decide to make their contribution according to the number of lengths swum by the whole team, then calculate their contribution after the swim and donate the total amount on the day or soon after. As a guide, lengths swum by teams in Plouf 2017 ranged from 62 to 150 (average around 115), and sponsors who used this approach made their donation on average 1.50€ per length.

Sponsorship can be made electronically directly to the LCYH charity HelloAsso account. Payments made through this site will create a CERFA certificate – which will be sent to the sponsor immediately.