Food and Clothing Drive 1 October 2016

Your Help is Needed

Lions Club Yvelines Heraldic (LCYH) members, Richard Turk and friends are running their third joint humanitarian drive for the refugees at Calais and Dunkerque. The needs vary daily so we also intend to provide cash directly to the charities when we arrive to meet their critical needs for food or clothing. Donate to this here.

ONLY Mens Clothes and Food Items to be collected, list is below.

NOTE that they should all be sorted and clearly marked in French/English in boxes.

Food Boxes:

Use only standard size wine boxes (for 6 bottles of wine) or cartons available from supermarkets and wine shops
Add a label on the side with the list of ingredients
All tins should have pull tops NOT needing a tin opener


  • Dried Lentils
  • Bulgar
  • Tins of Ratatouille
  • Cooking Oil
  • UHT Milk
  • Tinned Fish (Tuna)
  • Tinned Beans (red or white beans)
  • Tinned Peas
  • Tinned Tomatoes
  • Stock (vegetable) cubes and/or spices-chilli-cardomom Put small quantities in a zip lock plastic bag or small tupperware style container
  • Fruit in Syrup
  • Sweet rice pudding or similar
  • Sugar Put small quantities in a zip lock plastic bag or small tupperware style container
  • Salt Put small quantities in a zip lock plastic bag or small tupperware style container
  • Onions & other vegetables
  • Fresh oranges, mandarins, apples
  • Tea Put small quantities in a zip lock plastic bag or small tupperware style container
  • Basmati Rice (cooks quicker and with less water) Put small quantities in a zip lock plastic bag or small tupperware style container
  • Flour Put small quantities in a zip lock plastic bag or small tupperware style container

Clothes Boxes:

Please separate the clothes and mark as Small, Medium or Large. Please tie shoes together by their laces.

  • T shirts
  • Sweaters
  • Jackets
  • Trousers
  • Boxer shorts
  • Socks
  • Trainers and Shoes (size 42 and above)

Collections Accepted until Friday September 30, 2016

Delivery Date: Saturday October 1, 2016

The delivery day will consist of driving to Calais to distribute food and help the Auberge des migrants centre with sorting clothing, delivering food and building shelters.

Collection Points: 

  •  The British School of Paris38, Quai de l’Ecluse 78290 Croissy-sur-Seine
    Phone: +33 1 34 80 45 90, or
  • Jonny Garner, phone in advance to arrange a time.                                Ph: 06825660758                                                                                                     Address:  8 impasse de la haute Pierre, 78290 Croissy sur Seine.  Only slight problem is the very tight turn into the impasse coming from Pont de Bougival (150 m on the right, opposite a restaurant on the corner).  Ph: 06825660758
  • For other collections please email or text Bob Lewis on or 0620010724

Collection drives will be determined soon, if needed.

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Calais Kitchens

The human crisis in Calais and Dunkerque is tragic and whilst governments and NGOs are now making a substantial difference for the 9,000 plus refugees and migrants remaining there, the scale of the problem is still enormous. The Centre Jules Ferry feeds some 1,500 people a day, SALAM and Auberge des Migrants, the two volunteers associations based in Pas de Calais, are providing clothing, food & meals to both camps, another group is providing medical supplies. With the plan to relocate many of the migrants away from Pas de Calais there is even more acute need for clothes and food now. On recent trips to the camps it is clear that there are too many clothes but never enough food. We would like you to pledge some money so that we can buy the specific food they need when we arrive at the camp and otherwise we would appreciate you collecting food and packing for us to collect in the coming 14 days. 
MORE INFORMATION AT  L’Auberge des Migrants and Help Refugees

Help Refugees 


L’Auberge des Migrants


May 14 – Calais – Dunkirk – Collaboration

This past weekend the team were once again back in action in the camps in Northern France.  A joint action between LCYH and Refugee Aide – Volunteer Support created by Richard Turk.


Our teams joined forces and donations to make an even deeper impact across the Jungle camp in Calais and in Dunkerque.

We loaded up in Friday night with the fantastic donations of clothes and food boxes. We complimented these with a trip to Carrefour and bought up nearly every orange in Croissy-sur-Seine.


After an early start on Saturday the team working in L’Auberge des Migrants warehouse arrived for the morning briefing at 9 in Calais. Sadly, numbers of volunteers are down dramatically vs last month. Only 16 people turned up at the briefing in Calais. BUT with tasks assigned (Rob in the wood chopping team, Alison in the Calais Kitchen, Beth, Reid, Micaela and Richard on the clothes  sorting table) we went at it for the morning.



Many many thanks to Daniele Ruff and ESAT/Avenir Apei for the loan of the truck! The truck full of your goodies piloted by the Lions Club team made its way to the Calais warehouse, dropped it’s valuable cargo and headed to Dunkerque to drop at the Salam association with much needed tinned fruit and biscuits to help with their almost daily 2-400 meals they distribute at Grande Synthe.


With the €600 in cash raised from Zoé Dickson and the students of the Lycée International (thank you!) and supplemented by Lux Perpetua Choir Bob and his team made a very much needed visit to Decathlon and bought up 37 x pairs of trainers using money donated by you which will be distributed by SALAM to Grande Synthe refugees where needed.


At the Calais kitchen supplies were running a little low, so we arranged a trip to Lidl and bought out the local supply of onions and garlic. Brought back to the Calais Kitchen the team there made up the daily hot food supplies and distribution was made.

Meanwhile Tony, Bruno and Wendy met with and visited a small association  “Le Reveil voyageur”. They began by providing morning coffee, croissants and bread, delivered daily to the main refugee site in Calais. They have since broadened their activities providing what’s needed on a daily basis guided by the discussions with individuals and small groups that they have progressively befriended over the past few months. They now provide items of clothing, household effects, French language training and try to respond to iother simp^le demands coming from the refugees themselves.

The Reveil Voyageur held a small but well but well attended exhibition about the interests and lives of the refugees as refugees.

Donate Now for a Home for Winter

LCYH is collecting funds for the A Home for Winter project.

To Donate Click Here


Home For Winter (AHFW) was born out of a team of volunteers knowledge of large scale outdoor event production and sustainable architecture combined with a desire to create positive change for the many displaced people living on the outskirts of Calais.

jonny 10

LCYH visited the Home for Winter volunteers Friday 12 February 2015. It is an amazing set-up by some 20 volunteers to prepare the materials ready for dispatch to refugees for erection.

These shelters provide warmth and protection from the weather in what is extreme cold and wet conditions.  The organisation A Home for Winter needs further financial help to continue their work.

€250 builds a shelter and €350 builds a secure shelter for women.

DONATE to <<A Home for Winter>> Appeal Click HERE

Franco-British Community Rally for Humanitarian Crisis


The week of February 8 saw the commencement of the Franco-British community of Yvelines give with great energy and enthusiasm  food, clothing and bedding for the refugees in Calais and Dunkerque.

12 November LCYH drove a lorry (kindly donated by ESAT Fourqueux) full of the donated items for delivery to Auberge des Migrants for this fantastic organisation of young volunteers to continue to provide much needed meals, clothing and shelter to over 6,000 refugees and migrants currently in Dunkerque and Calais.

We also saw first hand the work being done by 100 young volunteers to construct shelters for those still living in tents and suffering from extreme cold and wet conditions.

LCYH is in the process of donating €1000 to Auberge des Migrants and SALAM the two key volunteer organisations in Calais.

As we left Calais the préfecture in Calais announced that they will be clearing a huge area in The Jungle that will affect over 1,000 people and will remove a number of the services that volunteers and residents have spent months building (the women’s center, the church and Ashram kitchen amongst others). Hopefully many of the people will be re-settled in the prefabricated shelters provided by the local Government, which are safe, warm and dry. By last week 800 of the 1500 available beds were filled and this further initiative might help.

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