Bulle d’Air 2014

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LCYH identified autism as one of the causes to be supported and the first organisation we met was BULLE D’AIR.

Bulle d’Air is the first “leisure centre” in France specialized in mentally disabled children including children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Bulle d’Air is unique in France in having special approval to cater to children of school age during school hours.

Created in Sept 2011 as a community-based association in Croissy-sur-Seine (78), it quickly gained recognition beyond the local community resulting in insufficient room to meet the fast increasing applications for attendance.

A generous donation of a new building was received in 2013 from the Fondation Bettencourt-Schueller. The new premises and logistical support from the CAF (Caisse des Allocations Familiales) des Yvelines enabled a major extension to welcome up to 100 children.

Priscilla Werba, founder of Bulle d’Air, explained her concept of working with children from a very early age, (unusual in France but with proven success in Anglo-Saxon countries) to ensure maximum impact on their development.

In parallel, regular information sessions are organized to help families cope with difficult situations at home. Priscilla also described to us the very limited research efforts and support from the French government for autistic children.

We were able to make a 3,000€ donation from the balance of our 2013-2014 charity account targeted for training in a special programme ESDM.

ESDM is the first comprehensive intervention designed for helping toddlers and pre-schoolers with autism that includes families and professionals working together for parent involvement and intensive intervention.

Launched in the early 80s in the US, ESDM was rated in 2012 by Time magazine as a top-10 medical break-through for promising results in children as young as 12 months, not only in improving autism symptoms, but actually altering brain development and social behavior.

Our donation has enabled Bulle d’Air to successfully lobby for a training session to be organised in the Paris region, at a substantially reduced cost than was previously available.

Our contribution has covered the cost for one therapist and we hope to be able to make further contributions to ensure that more Bulle d’Air members can benefit from this training. We are proud to support the autistic cause, and to play a part in promoting a method tried and tested in other countries in helping the rising number of children with autism and their families.

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Banque Alimentaires 2013 – 2014


For more than 25 years, LC Poissy Doyen has supported the national Banque Alimentaire initiative. According to the Fédération Française des Banques Alimentaires, 2,600,000 people living in France depend on food aid distributed throughout the year by the principal charitable associations.

The major annual food collection initiative occurs over the last weekend of November each year. Many Lions clubs in France contribute their time and organization to help collect essential non-perishable foodstuffs.

Under the leadership of LC Poissy Doyen, LCYH provides helping hands alongside two other Poissy-based LCs and LC Maule. The project takes place over a 48 hour period – a Friday and Saturday – at Carrefour Chambourcy and Casino Poissy. The Lions helpers, arriving at 8am Friday to set up the stands, the posters, the collection bags and chariots and the foodstuff guides for the shoppers. Dozens of cardboard boxes are assembled and numbered for the different types of food collected – biscuits, chocolates, cereals, baby food, jam, soups, tin vegetable, pasta, rice, flour, sugar…. all non-perishable items that can be stored for later distribution.

Boys in blue 29 november 2013

The generosity of the shopping public is both impressive and touching. As the shoppers make their regular shop, they add items from the BA guide and hand them over to the Lions volunteers after the checkout – who then sort them and pack them in the numbered cardboard boxes.


During 28-29 November 2014, a total of 83 Lions members participated in 4-hour shifts over the two day event.

Approximately 650 cardboard boxes were filled this year, representing around 13,000 kgs of non-perishable food stuffs collected. The two day event, is a most moving and rewarding experience. The people who you might think have the least to give can surprise you with their generosity. Some people fill their bags, others provide 3 or 4 items only but every bit helps. One elderly couple approached us just after the checkout but their donation bags were not readily visible. When questioned, they said “no no, you don’t understand, the entire trolley is for the BA collection”


We realise at LCYH that we don’t only have to be the creators of projects to be useful to the local community and to deserving charities. We are equally happy to contribute in collaboration with other Lions clubs, supporting their projects. What matters is that “we serve” and that together we can make a difference in ways that could not be achieved working alone.

Plouf 2014 – Teams

Plouf 2014 – A fun filled day  with swimmers competitiveness growing as the hours past.

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We have tried to accurately match the teams to the images. If you find an error please send us an email with the correct team name.

Brussels Heraldic Hit Squad Descends on Plouf in Paris

Our friendly Brussels Heraldic Plouf Parents and Partners in Brussels provide a recount of their experience of our Plouf 2014 held yesterday at Le Pecq. It reads…..



Ever ready to lend a helping hand to our daughter club Yvelines Heraldic, a Heraldic team (and a Scottish canine of unpronounceable heritage) hit the road south during the Remembrance day long weekend.

Dirk, Vee, Ian, Terry, wife Monique and Hamish took part in the second Lions Club Yvelines Heraldic Swimarathon Plouf in a memorable effort that helped Yveline Heraldic break through the € 10,000 barrier, a 150 percent increase from the previous year.

The hardened Splash pros helped get the show rolling early morning  (not too early) November 11, putting up tents, banners, manning (womaning)  the in-desk, actually swimming with a Nigerian family and then snoozing off doing some lane counting.

All in all a super day where you could feel the energy from all participants. Says Yvelines Founder Bob Bell, “Again many thanks to all for the effort and contribution.  As always it was pleasure to see you”.  Adds our Heraldic member Ian, “ This is the kind of event that brings us all together, makes us again proud to be part of the Lions International team.”  “Woof” barks Hamish, glad that’s over for another year! Still, November 11 was a day to remember.


Photo: Ian, Bob Bell (looking not bad for his age), Monique and Terry snapped by a ravishing Aussie lady, Wendy. Tired, but happy and proud to be Lions. (Early return for Lions Dirk and Vee, absent but not forgotten).