Brussels Heraldic Hit Squad Descends on Plouf in Paris

Our friendly Brussels Heraldic Plouf Parents and Partners in Brussels provide a recount of their experience of our Plouf 2014 held yesterday at Le Pecq. It reads…..



Ever ready to lend a helping hand to our daughter club Yvelines Heraldic, a Heraldic team (and a Scottish canine of unpronounceable heritage) hit the road south during the Remembrance day long weekend.

Dirk, Vee, Ian, Terry, wife Monique and Hamish took part in the second Lions Club Yvelines Heraldic Swimarathon Plouf in a memorable effort that helped Yveline Heraldic break through the € 10,000 barrier, a 150 percent increase from the previous year.

The hardened Splash pros helped get the show rolling early morning  (not too early) November 11, putting up tents, banners, manning (womaning)  the in-desk, actually swimming with a Nigerian family and then snoozing off doing some lane counting.

All in all a super day where you could feel the energy from all participants. Says Yvelines Founder Bob Bell, “Again many thanks to all for the effort and contribution.  As always it was pleasure to see you”.  Adds our Heraldic member Ian, “ This is the kind of event that brings us all together, makes us again proud to be part of the Lions International team.”  “Woof” barks Hamish, glad that’s over for another year! Still, November 11 was a day to remember.


Photo: Ian, Bob Bell (looking not bad for his age), Monique and Terry snapped by a ravishing Aussie lady, Wendy. Tired, but happy and proud to be Lions. (Early return for Lions Dirk and Vee, absent but not forgotten).

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